Microsoft Windows Vista Support Ends Today!

Microsoft Calls ‘End of Life’ on Windows Vista Operating System

What Does This Mean?

Windows Vista has come to the end of its product support lifecycle after completing five successful years. In other words, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows Vista, and all updates for this operating system will be completely stopped. Users of this operating system will be advised to upgrade their software to a more recent version prior to this end of life date.

Why Upgrade from Windows Vista?

The longer you stay with Windows Vista, the higher the chance you have of becoming a victim of cyber-crime. Although Windows Vista came with a significant improvement, as time goes by cyber-criminals target out of date operating systems due to their vulnerability. Updating your operating system will safeguard you from these external threats and help keep your system more secure with continued Microsoft mainstream support and patches.

What’s Next?

To find out more on how to upgrade from Windows Vista or to simply determine whether an upgrade is compatible with your hardware, contact a PC of mind via email or phone at (678) 829-8448.