…the benefits of residential pricing.

We are proud to offer our residential customers a wide variety of support options regardless of operating system or hardware.  Virus/Malware removals, screen replacements, operating system installations, hardware replacements, etc. all offered with the convenience of remote, in-home, or drop off support.


Below are the prices and description for the majority of services performed for our residential customers.

Service Description Price
Laptop Screen Replacement Replace faulty or cracked LCD / LED screen. $89 + the cost of parts
Malware and Virus Removal Restore your computer back to working condition by eliminating all viruses and malware. $75 – $125 depending on the severity and amount of time required
Hard Drive Migrations Clone your hard drive, along with all data, to a new solid state drive for lightning fast performance. $99 + the cost of the solid state drive
Preventive Maintenance Monthly servicing of your computer.  This service includes:

  1. Hardware bench marking
  2. Registry sweep
  3. Malware removal
  4. Virus removal
  5. System optimization
  6. System patching and updates
$25 per machine monthly.  Quarterly plans are also available
Vaulted Backups Store your private and sensitive information in our data center.  Access your data anytime, anywhere, from any device.  Backups are performed incrementally daily with full backups weekly. $30 monthly per machine
Operating System Installation Reinstall an operating system to your existing machine.  New installs will come fully patched with the latest drivers applied to the machine. $75 + any applicable license fees
Network Optimization and Monitoring “a PC of mind” will come on site and survey your network demands. If you are experiencing difficulties with wireless coverage, network throughput, or overall sluggishness, we work alongside you to understand your needs and tailor a solution to match. Costs and monitoring services will vary per location
Network Cable Installations and Management If you are trying to relocate any network connected device to another location in your home that does not have existing network cable, “a PC of mind” will come on site, run the cable, and terminate it to a nearby wall jack. Costs will vary depending on the length and quantity of cables to be installed
Remote Troubleshooting From the convenience of your home, “a PC of mind” will connect to your computer through a one-time session on the internet and troubleshoot any computing issues you are having.  A valid internet connection is required.  $60/hr (One hour minimum)
Website Design and Hosting Whether you are a blogger, enthusiast, or starting a business from your home, we work alongside you to give you a complete site from start to finish.  After the site is handed off, you have the option to host it in our data centers and propagate your site based on geo-location and maintain a 99.999% up time. Design costs and hosting options will vary per customer
Printer Troubleshooting and Installation “a PC of mind” will come on site and install or troubleshoot your printer. One hour minimum.  $125/hr (first hour) $75/hr (every hour after)
Gaming Computers Strictly for the enthusiasts.  These computers are built from scratch and ready to tackle the most demanding games.  After a consultation, “a PC of mind” expertly builds your machine, delivers it to your home, and installs it for you so you can get back to doing what you love – gaming. Total cost of materials + 30%.
–Prices listed above are estimates only–
Should final costs deviate from what is listed above, it will be explicitly stated and agreed upon prior to any work being performed