What is “Pay it Forward?”

Pay it Forward was started as an effort to give back to the community. There are copious amounts of people in surrounding counties who do not own or have access to computers and the internet. Pay it Forward was an initiative that was developed to benefit our clients, as well as the community.



Pay it Forward allows our existing clients and new customers who are purchasing a new customized computer the option of trading in their existing computer, receiving a credit for the computer, and applying that credit toward the cost of their new machine. The old machine will be securely erased, loaded with a new operating system, and then donated to one of our local partner charities or churches.


What about my existing data? I had sensitive information that I do not want leaked.

We certainly understand that concern and all matters of privacy are held to the highest regard. “a PC of mind” will securely erase all contents of the hard drive before being donated. However, if you are still uncertain about the process, you are welcome to keep your existing hard drive and we will take the rest! The objective is to get everyone equal access to the internet.

For our existing clients who have already had a machine built, the process is even easier. We will take 10% of your initial purchase price, apply the credited amount towards your new purchase, and with the same care – erase all contents of your existing machine, reinstall a new operating system, and then donate it to charity.


never purchased a computer through “a PC of mind”, am I still eligible for the Pay it Forward program

Absolutely! We will gladly assess your existing machine and give an appraised value. An amount, up to the full appraised value of your existing computer, can be applied toward the purchase of a new customized PC. This way, everyone is able to contribute to the community and make it a better place than we found it.